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All Harrison Hot Springs Boat Rentals

Bow Rider, Sports Utility, Pontoon, Paddle Board,
Ocean Kayak & Canoes in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

⚓ Power Boat Rentals ⚓

We offer a wide range of power boat rental options to enhance your water adventure!

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled ride, a leisurely cruise, or a fun-filled gathering with friends and family, our fleet has something for everyone.

Click the boat above to choose from our bow rider, sports utility, or pontoon rental types, each designed to provide a unique experience on the water!

⚓ Non-Power Boat Rentals ⚓

We believe that exploring and having fun in the water can also be done by non-power boat rentals!

Discover the beauty of nature, connect with the water, and create cherished memories in the natural beauty of Harrison Lake and its surroundings.

Click the boat above for those who prefer a more serene and hands-on approach as we offer a selection of paddle board, ocean kayak, and canoe rental types!

Choose Your Power Harrison Hot Springs Boat Rentals


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For The Best Experience, Check The Weather Beforehand!